Eden pool

Eden pool is located in the private house of Shimon and Edna Eyal in Nofah, a small and peaceful village near Petah-Tiqua in Israel.

In Eden pool we specialize in developmental swimming for infants and hydrotherapy for a multitudepeople and abilities.

The pool was founded in 1996 by ShimonEyal, one of Israel pioneers in developmental infants swimming (from 1979), and the inventor of CRSmethod.

The administration is being carefullyexecuted by Edna Eyal.

The method is one of the mostunique and advanced in the world. According to each infant's developmental rateexercisesare given to fit him/her to the best of their abilities. And by that, helping themachieve motor skills, social skills, and even cognitive skills.

The treatments are given by certifiedguides that have additional professional training by ShimonEyel (the parent is also present and active during these classes).

The collaboration with the parent in the water is very bonding and creates a strong mental and physical connection.

In addition to developmental infant swimming, the pool also helps older children with swimming skills, and any kind ofbody malfunctions or weakness.

In addition we hold activities for adults such as childbirth preparation, fitness, and heart and lung endurance.

Hydrotherapy treatments are also available for special needs adults and children.

The pool is specially designed for the activities itholds.  It is 5.5/12 meters by size, controlled water temperature, and salt water based filtering system. The surrounding facilities aresuitable for babies and special needs patients.  Thepeacefulenvironmentcombined with the professionalapproach gives best experience possible to all our customers. We hope this environment gives all who experience it a sense of calm well-being and possibility.