Eden kids association

Eden kids association was founded in 2009 and recognized as a public institute by the tax authority [regulation number 46b] in 2014.

The association was founded by Shimon Ayel and parents to kids with special needs, in order to help provide families with hydrotherapy treatments for their kids.

These kids need treatments in order to live, grow and evolve.

The treatments are necessary for them to reach a basic level of function in day to day life, and to give them hope for a future where they could be as independent as possible.

For the parents this is a very valuable service.  We have foundthat improving the function of one childbenefits the whole family andit increases their overall qualityof life.

However, the financial burden of this kind of treatment isheavy and can be out of reach for many parents.  As a result we see that many people are not getting the treatment they need (sometime not getting any treatment at all) solely based ontheir lack of financial means.

The association has given itself the goal to help fund the costs of treatments for families that can'taffordit.

Today the kids are being treated in the "Eden" pool, privatelyowned by Ayel's family.

The pool is located in the back yard of their house and therefore can accommodateonly a very limited number of people simultaneously.

Due to this factor,manyfamilies are on a long waiting list and sometimes must be sentelsewhere.

With that in mind the association set up another goal: to establish a large scale treatment center for people with disabilities that provides a verity of activities for each oftheirspecific needs.

The center will include several pools,pre-medical treatment rooms, behavioral treatments,parent guidance, and a gym fully equipped to meet the needs of those with disabilities.

Today the association has a specific plot of land designated for this project with architectural designs and the support of the local municipal.

To make this project a reality we need your help.  We are currently collecting donations through this website.  Your donation will go directly to the costs of building the new treatment center and will help us continue providing a much needed service for people and families struggling with disabilities.